İs it possible to use SMS option out of US?...

İs it possible to use SMS option out of US?


Yes it’s possible. You have to create your own Twilio account for that.

@Levent_KULACOGLU Dear Levent, any articles about set up or connect the app with twilio to able to send SMS? Thanks in advance.

SMS option is not active for Austria eve use the Twilio. True? Sending SMS from a Workflow Rule or Scheduled Report

How about SMS option aside from Twilio?
Any guide on the set-up?

At the moment, Twilio is the only SMS provider that we support. You could also set up an account with any other SMS provider and send messages to it using a Webhook action. All we have done with Twilio is simplified some of it.

As Praveen suggests, using a webhook to invoke your SMS provider directly is one approach.

Another approach is to use an AppSheet webhook to invoke a Zapier catch hook. Then use Zapier to invoke one of the SMS providers available through Zapier. We have step by step instructions for implementing an AppSheet webhook to a Zapier catch hook here

I am not sure if Zapier has an integrated SMS provider that meets your needs. Also not sure, which approach would be easier for you.