Is it possible to write value to USERSETTING?


Is there any way to write the value of user setting, via a action or some other way like deep link, etc?

That’s not possible @Mahesh

You can set a formula for a usersetting, so you sort of can write a value to it. The question then becomes, when does the formula re-calculate? I do not know the answer to that.

It will recalculate the app formula when you open and save the usersetting.

Thanks everyone.
Using a formula is fine but it does not help if you want to change application behavior from within the app i.e. in course of running. Say your view is tied to some setting (say Date) and the user wants to change it by using an Action button, it would be great if that Action had the ability to change the setting.

Though you can do this without Usersettings if you create your own Users table and your app needs authentication.

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