Is it programmable for the record of a table to take the user into the form of a record in another table if they share an ID?

Hi, since several days i´ve been having trouble trying to create an App to Audit several processes, each one with different questions (the quantity of questions and the specific questions vary for each process). There are also several auditors wich will be assigned one or more processes to audit.
I visualize the app as a list of all the auditors from which you as a user select your name for the app to take you to your specific view of the calendar to view only your pending assignations. Then you could select the audit you where assigned and it would take you to the form of that specific assignation for you to fill.

From here on i explain my past failed attempts as context and more explanation

I tried using google calendar but could not relate the assignation in google calendar to the specific row of the assignment in order to change the status in google calendar for it not to appear any more in the calendar view of the app.

Then I tried including the dates, auditors and other relevant information directly in the table to solve the problem of the comunication between google calendar and the table. But doing so I had to make a pool with all the dates of the assignations of each process in order for the calendar view to display ALL assignments regardless of the process. The problem I have now is that I do not know if it is programmable for the app to take the user to the specific form of that assignation which do shares an ID with its calendar pool “duplicate” (the form being from the specific process table and not the calendar table).

I really appreciate your time reading this and your contribution.

Definitely possible, but difficult to provide guidance without a clearer understanding of how your data is structured.

Does your app require user sign-in?