Is part of - That uses something other than the Key ID to make the reference

I have 3 tables.

  1. Corrective (with an “Is a part of” reference to Invoice)
  2. Invoice
  3. Tracking Number (A number that appears on all other tables)

Both 1 and 2 reference 3

So the process goes like this.

  • You make a Tracking Number say 2021
  • You make a Corrective (or many, lets say 5 of them) and one of the fields asks for the Tracking Number (2021)
  • You can make an Invoice, where if you choose you can create more Correctives.

I cannot figure out how to have the Corrective entries that are not created from the Invoice form appear. I would like all correctives with the same Tracking Number to appear on the appropriate Invoice. So in the above example, the invoice for 2021 would have 5 correctives.

Appear where?

Do you have a Ref column in Corrective that points to Invoice?

Is it a 1-to-1 relation between Invoice and Tracking Number?

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I have the following references

  1. Corrective - References both Tracking numbers and Invoice
  2. Invoice - References Tracking numbers

My intent is that it will be a 1 to 1 Invoice to Tracking number relation.