Is pricing plans unbelievably & extremely expensive or did I misunderstand something?

Hello, nice day my friends,

According to Pro Plan, we have to pay $10 for each active user/guest in the month.

I have an app called “food online menu”, meaning that every month, thousands of guests surfing my app (just surfing, not yet mentioning about purchasing my products), then the amount I have to pay for Appsheet Pro Plan will be several tens of thousands dollars / each month???

Is it normal for this strange price or did I misunderstand something? Any explanation appreciated!

Thank you.


For your case , I think there is another plan , the one for whitelisted apps (50$ per.month I think). The app will be published in google and apple stores

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Look here:

Need Public Apps?

Publicly accessible applications that don’t contain sensitive data and don’t require user sign-in can be created with an AppSheet Publisher Pro subscription. These apps include the feature sets of the Pro Plan, but do not include user sign-in options or the use of security filters. Publisher Pro apps can be used by an unlimited number of users for $50/mo/app. Learn more


Please contact for help with this.

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Sometimes Appsheet isn’t the right choice. It’s an amazing platform, but not always a perfect fit.


Thanks for all replying…
It’s really a big pity for this kind of price. Since Appsheet would be the best platform for creating excellent apps, now the price is destroying every comfortable idea, million people stop right at the the moment they read about the pricing plans and so, there are no ideas/applications anymore for this community then.

Maybe in near future, Appsheet (as a Google culture) will change the price calculation??? Hope so!


I agree, it’s extremely expensive. Espessially if you want to use login and security filters.

Well I couldn’t agree more. Paying $5/user/month for an app is just insane… I can’t go public but can’t affort to pay for each users 60+.


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