Is "Public but not visible on my portfolio" an option?

Hi! In the past I have made some super simple apps that were merely intended to illustrate something discussed in this community. The apps may be useful in the context of a discussion but, otherwise, I feel the urge to erase them from my portfolio because they would not make sense to a passerby. If I could make an app “public” (accessible via URL) but NOT put in on my portfolio page, I wouldn’t need to erase it.

I’m posting this today because I noticed that a sample app that someone else had made to illustrate something discussed in this community is no longer available. It looks like I’m not the only one who feels the need to delete old “illustrative apps” after a period of time. But, as you can imagine, this weakens the value of the community as an archive or previously discussed topics.

So, I have two questions:

  1. Is there a way around this that I haven’t noticed?
  2. If there isn’t a way around this problem, would you agree that I should post a feature request?

The feature request my involve a change to the following settings:

“Make this a public sample” might be separated into two check boxes: “Make public” and “Show on portfolio”. “Show on portfolio” could be greyed out unless the creator had checked “Make public” but “Make public” by itself would not necessitate display on the portfolio.

A portfolio is something that says “This is the kind of work I can do.” We shouldn’t have to clutter it up with bits and pieces of apps we made to help people out in the community. Thanks for your consideration.


Good note, I agree with you.

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Hi! I just got a “like” for this old thread so I thought I should point out that now I know that it IS possible to share a sample without putting it on my portfolio page. For details, please see the following:

Thanks to @tsuji_koichi for the excellent help.

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