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Is the functionality of workflows available for free accounts? I’m still in the prototyping phase and have not officially subscribed for deployment yet, and I can’t seem to get a workflow to trigger. So I was curious if I was doing something wrong, or if the functionality is unavailable for testing in free accounts.

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Thanks for the tip, I figured out why it wasn’t triggering. I have a follow up question. When setting up an attachment template to be sent via a triggered workflow email, is there a way to format the tags so that data is pulled from other tables?

For example, I have a table labeled “Signature”. My workflow is triggered when a signature is added to this table. What I want to happen is when this workflow is triggered, an attachment is sent with all the data from another table (labeled “Driver0001”) that was entered by the user in a previous form.

Is there a way to format the tags to do this?

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Back to your original question.

As I understand it, you want to trigger the signature workflow when a signature is added. In that workflow, you want to display data from one of the records in one of the driver tables. I am not clear how you find the right driver table and the right driver record based on the data contained in the signature table. Can you explain that?

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Well I guess at the root of the question was does that data have to be referenced in the Signature table in order for that workflow to be able to place the data in the attachment template? Like is there a way to format to reference that day and pull it solely using attachemt template tags, i.e. “Driver0001.[Quantity]” or something like that? Seems like the answer is no. I’m currently reworking the signature table to have some referenced data and see if I can make it work from that.

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Yes, you are thinking about it correctly.

If you want to obtain related data from another table from within the workflow rule, then there needs to be some way to locate the right table and the right record (or records) within that related table.

More specifically, to retrieve the right records in the related table you need to know either their key values or something else that lets you find them. You can accomplish this in several ways: 1. You can have a Ref in the Signature table to the related record in the right Driver table. Because you have 21 driver tables this may be hard because a given Ref can only refer to one specific table, like Driver01. 2. You can have a field in the Signature table that stores the key of the related record in the Driver table. You would probably also need to add another field to store the related table name. 3. You might be able to write an expression that retrieves the right records without using the key values directly, but I am not sure exactly what data that expression would need to use of find the right records. My first two approaches use the record key, but you may have some other way to look up the right record.

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Ok I think I have a basic working connection. I’m testing on just the date. I’m a little confused on the template variable formatting though. When I enter <<[Date]>> it spits out all the rows from that column, is there a way to narrow that output to just one row?

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Can you describe what you are doing in more detail?

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@Twenty_West_KC How are the records in the two tables related? Hopefully you have a Ref between the two tables.

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No reference between the two tables currently. The first table (Driver0001) is a form to input all data for an inspection sheet, Signature was built as a way for the driver to sign when finished filling in as many rows as needed, and trigger the workflow. I don’t have a "signature’ column in Driver0001 because there’s

no need for a signature on each row, just the overall table of data. If that makes sense.

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I guess could I make hidden referenced columns in the Signatures table that pull from the table I need the data from?

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@Twenty_West_KC Are you asking about the Bill of Lading app? Why are are 21 driver tables in that app?

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Yes that’s the app. I built a separate database for each driver so that data could be entered simultanteuosly. A separate bill of lading must be generated for each driver, and sometime this will be entered in simultaneously so they can’t share a common database. I imagine the same thing could have been accomplished with slices but this helped me keep it straight in my head.

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Also I’m new to appsheets so I’m still figuring out the most efficient builds for what I need, etc.

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I strongly suspect that you should have only one table.

What information do you have in that table? It is called Driver, but it looks more like it represents data about an inspection, or a trailer, or a load, or something?

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That is correct. The basic idea is that the user will go to create a new bill of lading, then select the driver they are generating the BOL for (essentially selecting which table they are entering data into), they then enter all the information for that table (differentiated by which driver was selected) and then have a BOL generated as an attachment and emailed to them. I separated the drivers into different tables so that if multiple BOLs were being generated at once, the rows would not all be going into the same table and getting mixed together. I also want a dashboard view that shows the current entered data in the table they have chosen, as well as a detail of some specific data along with the button to sign the BOL. So far the app works like I need it to, but I’m open to a more efficient way. My main issue was generating the attachment like I need to.