Is the iOS white-labeler down?

It’s been more than 36 hours since I submitted a request to white label the iOS version of my app and I still haven’t received an email with the download links. The last time I white-labelled an iOS app it only took a few hours. I just recently requested an Android white label version of my app and it took only a couple minutes to get download links. Does anyone know what’s going on?

@Dilanjan_Fernando have you received the email already?

Thanks for replying. I still no email for the iOS whitelabel unfortunately.

Thanks for this info. Let me assign this to our developers for investigating.


@Dilanjan_Fernando, Seems like the iOS white label server may have been down during the weekend, but it’s running and processing requests at the moment.
If you haven’t received an email, you should get it within a few hours.
In general, the white labeling process is different for Android and iOS. The iOS process takes much longer.

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Various servers for different around the world seemed to have issues all weekend, and even today some are still having issues.

@Gil I can confirm I have recieved the IPA files today, thanks

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