Is the result of ANY expression predictable?

Well, don’t be fooled by the post title :wink:
I know that the ANY expression returns an arbitrary value of the given list, and an arbitrary item cannot be predicted, but what I need is to fill the columns of a new record when creating an action of type “Data: Add a new row to another table using values from this row”.
Since I am in a loop, I am using the well known trick of adding an arbitrary missing item:

Property = ANY(Property[ID] - SELECT(...))

The fact is that I also need to assign another column that depends on this Property assigned in the same run. So, the question is if I am guaranteed that using another time the same expression will lead to the same result:

Property2 = CONCATENATE(ANY(Property[ID] - SELECT(...)), ", Foo")

I know that I can instead use the expression:

Property = ANY(TOP(SORT(Property[ID] - SELECT(...),TRUE),1))

And this will always work, but I prefer to avoid all this, if it’s not necessary


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Hi Steve
thanks for the super-fast answer, but in this case I think that your quotation doesn’t apply, because the list is generated with the SELECT statement

index(your select expression, randambeween())

may get the authentic randam result instead of any expressin nor index 1.

Please explain in plain language what you’re trying to accomplish here.

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