Is there a good way to find the connections between actions?

On my app, there are quite a few instances were I have grouped actions and one or more of the grouped actions references an action on another table (parent action, child action, grandchild action). If I’ve forgotten how the actions are connected, I can start with the grouped action and eventually figure out what actions may be invoked when the grouped action is invoked. I say “eventually” because it’s not super easy. As you can see in the following example, I can see the names of the actions that have been grouped but, unless I have included an indication in the name, I either need to remember which actions referenced other actions check each one to be sure.


Also, there are no links to the individual group actions or referenced actions. Such links would speed up the process of locating and inspecting the referenced actions.

This problem is more acute when you start with a referenced action (child or grandchild) and try to figure out where the referencing actions (parents) are. It can be done, but without links or other tools from the interface, it’s pretty tedious.

If there are any tricks regarding how to figure out how actions are connected more efficiently, I’d love to learn about them. If not, I hope AppSheet can add some functions to the interface to help us do this sort of thing more easily.

I have used an action name like GROUP ACTION > ActionA > ActionB > ActionC and changed the name with the option “Display name”. Not a perfect solution but it helps.

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I think that’s a good strategy. When words are included in the action name, we can search for them. Unfortunately, when I have not included such information in action names, I don’t think I have any way to search for the “parents.”

I can also see now that I should have made better use of the documentation capability:


Still, links or better seaching options would be nice. :sweat: