Is there a "Im-in-the-middle-of-editing" mode...

(Lauro de Freitas) #1

Is there a “Im-in-the-middle-of-editing” mode in AppSheet?

I am trying to define if/how users can update specific fields in a table. They should be able to add new records without restriction, and all fields should be available for editing. This part I can do fine with this expression:

NOT(IN([KeyColumn]), TableName[KeyColumn]))

But for existing records the user should only be able to edit the field if its blank, with no data. However, during editing, the moment the user puts a value in the field it disables it. Ie, before the SAVE button is clicked

  • ISBLANK([_THIS]). And the user cannot correct / change the value at the moment of editing.

Admin users have no restrictions.

The full expression Im using on Editable_If for the fields is:


NOT(IN([KeyColumn]), TableName[KeyColumn]))



IN(UserSettings(UserID), SELECT(User[Email], [Admin?])) )

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

You need to read the status from the table, not from the record itself. Let’s say the column name is “Column”. You can read the status like… ISBLANK(LOOKUP([_THISROW].[KeyColumn],TableName,KeyColumn,Column)).