Is there a limit or other restriction on the number of images that can be created in a PDF

I have developed a Google Docs email template for a Workflow to generate a list of workers and a sub table for each worker that contains information about their ticket(s) and an image of each tickets. I have created a format rule to print the tickets in Small format. For some reason, the PDF creates images for the first 3 and then inserts a hyperlink to the image for the rest. The image below shows the point in the PDF where the change starts.

Is there a limitation in the number of images that can be included in a PDF? I’ve never encountered one before but this seems to be happening at the same point every time I run the report. Or is there some other potential reason for this. When I use a similar template (not quite the same) as my email body template, all the images appear. I’ve even tried using the same template for both email body and PDF but get the same result. And changing from Default to System Mandrill makes no difference either.

Following is my template
Ticket List

<<Start: ORDERBY(Select(Workers[Worker],AND([Worker Type]<>”Suspended”,[Worker Type]<>”System”,[Ticket Count]>0), TRUE),[Worker],FALSE)>>

Worker: <<[Worker]>>

Name Expiry Photo Attachment
<<Start: ORDERBY([Related Tickets],[Expiry],FALSE)>><<[Name]>> <<[Expiry]>> <<[Ticket Photo]>> <<[Ticket Attachment]>><>


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I believe there are ongoing problems with PDF generation. Please contact for help with this.

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Thanks Steve. I’ve referred to them. Appreciate your advice

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