Is there a 'merge' functionality to customise survey?

We are consulting company and have delivery many deliverables as part of our projects with clients. We would like to create a survey tool to capture internal feedback of delivery of the internal team at the end of each deliverable. This requires us to create a customized survey based on the persons role the deliverable, client and crew, which we would update in google sheets

Ideally I would like to create a process where we;
1. update a google sheets with the detail
a. with the name, role, deliverable and project that is the topic of the survey
b. List the respondents
2. Automate the sending of the survey to respondents
3. Track completion
4. Collate responses within Google Sheets
5. Customise reports, can be completed within google sheets
a. Report by person, role and project & respondent

Is this possible within the platform?

Yes, all of that is possible within the AppSheet platform.

Some of the items such as update Google sheet with details is available straight out of the gate.

Depending on your specific needs for reports, those can take a little effort to build as they are in most cases highly unique.

For these two items above a little clarity is needed. If your intention is to switch to the Google sheet itself to view a collated version of the data OR to utilize Google Sheet charts, then a little work may be needed outside of AppSheet and within the Google Sheet platform itself.

AppSheet does have the ability to organize the data and some charting capabilities. So, again depending on your specific needs, you may (and most likely can) provide all of the above listed features completely within your AppSheet app itself - eliminating the need to switch to another tool.