Is there a quota for API calls per time depending on license?

I make API calls through Apigee to update tables in Appsheet. I use Google Drive as the database for AppSheet tables.

Problem is that I make API calls one after another. After some iterations API calls do not work Appsheet replies as “An error has occurred” which is not explicit.
And after a while, it works without making any change.
Since I do not have a business account I can not look at audit logs?

Is there a limit like API Calls/minutes for Pro plans? Or any idea why do I face this?

There is a limit on API calls to google drive but I think its a very short space of time needed to overload this like a limit per second. I have ran into that with Zapier and moving files that are dumped in all at once. I do not have experience with Apigee or Appsheets API to suggest farther.

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Thank you for the info.
After your reply I checked quota and the API errors.
I am not even close to the Drive API quota and there is no Drive API quota errors accumulated for the period. ( I make 5 queries per minute)

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After lots of testing, I found that problem is with the content of some of the API calls…
(To be more specific Leading zeroes for the integer type)
Sorry for the wrong alarm…
Everything works perfectly.