Is there a simple chronological, one-route, how-to guide?

I’ve followed the office hours seminar, trialled, errored and fumbled around in the dark. When I update my data the prototype I’ve been working on goes into unrectifiable errors. I worked out how to rectify a few by deleting data and adding new tables, but this got beyond my capabilities so the one my whitelist is viewing is now defunct.

Can anyone tell me how to do these please?

I strongly request a single route (not options), one way that works to get me step-by-step from where I am to required destination

If possible, just one process per reply: I focus on one thing at a time until completed.

  1. I have created a library of foods for people to choose to make a shopping list. I want to create a checkbox that you tick and it adds that item to one grocery list. Yes, I tried ‘start from an idea’ and there was way too much shoe horning involved. I have now created my tables, have found the right views and need to learn the ‘behaviour’ by which someone can search for or tick-box an item and see its column or row based information and add it to one central list.

  2. I have a Google drive and google photos. I have found or taken pictures and they are in my Google Photos and I have also put them in a folder on my Google Drive.

That is where I am at, starting from. My brain is not gymnastic enough to pull together a step-by-step process to go from there to have the pictures appearing in a gallery. So, starting from Google Photos or Folder in Google drive, how to I get from here to a gallery on my app so you have Avocados and a picture (which I have on my drive) of avocados?

When I have mastered Appsheet I will create some quick start, step-by-step processes to share for the tasks that I have completed for my visual-type brain to follow and learn quickly.

Hope that makes sense

Hey @SophieSweatman, I’ll start with the easy one first. :stuck_out_tongue:

How to get photos into your app

You mentioned that you already have your tables with a library of foods, does this mean you already have records in your table for the different foods? (I’m assuming yes)

  1. Inside that “Foods” table, add an image column (if you don’t already have one).
  2. Back inside the editor, make sure that the type of that column is set to “Image”
  3. Inside the app preview of the editor, navigate to one of the food records (say the avocado record) and open it for editing (inside the app preview).
  4. Scroll down till you find the image column (which will now allow you to upload an image) and upload the image of the avocado. Save/sync everything so we can proceed.
  5. Back at the google sheet, look at what appsheet recorded as data inside the image column, it should be something like this:
    /Images/Some_Code.Something.jpg <- or something like that. :wink:

This is the format that appsheet uses for finding images.

  1. For each record, ether
    a) upload the image for the food via the app (like you did for the avocado); or
    b) enter the image file path for each image via the spreadsheet.

It’s a grind, especially if you have thousands of records, but that’s how you do it.

Me, I would find some way of doing it through the spreadsheet - creating a formula that concatenates things together in some way to try and speed things up. This would require that you have a list of all the image file names - and that that list is in the same order as the one’s inside your table… otherwise you’ll have to make sure you get them in the right order. Etc. etc…


@SophieSweatman you might also check out some resources I put together awhile ago, specifically designed to guide people step by step on how to do things DIRECTLY inside the appsheet editor - right where you need the help. :wink:


That’s really great. Thank you very much. that’s very clear and I will give it a go. I have a review tomorrow morning, so need to make sure it works as is, then can give it a go.

Best regards


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Best of luck with your review!

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Hi Multi-tech Visions.

I’ll have a look at that. It’s a lot for me to process and for me, finding the correct process for what I am trying to do out of a range of processes quite overwhelming. I will start with the route already suggested, but I have looked at the in-app guides and find my visual processing style doesn’t always work well with a choice of routes. I’m under the kosh for deadlines, so when I have enough mental space to explore again, I will.

Best regards


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Hi @SophieSweatman,

I’m a newbie too and feel your frustration… The learning curve is a little steep at times… Not that the no-code platform is difficult at all… Just that, at first, it feels like the required support is dotted all over the shop… In reality it exists in a few easy-to-reach places… If you know where to look…

I’ve put a post together with some links to AppSheet resources that you may find useful… Good luck with your app…Hope this helps… Cheers… :slight_smile:


Hi Jake,

Absolutely, I do enjoy it.

I’ve just tested my idea on people wanting natural nutrition info for recovery from COVID and they seem to be eager for the app.

I literally have a 2,000 word hand in (plus spreadsheets and slides) every Friday now up to 21 August so I will be flat out and have not a second to work on Appsheet.

I’ll be back though as I really enjoy learning new stuff. I’m also honing my idea as more feedback appears too. So am working on the spreadsheets.

Best regards



Good luck with that… Sounds interesting… Shout if you need any advice… :slight_smile:


Thank you very much Jake. I will do.

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Hi @SophieSweatman

Here’s something hot off the press that should tick all the boxes for you… Good luck… :slight_smile:

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