is there a way i can disable access to app ga...

is there a way i can disable access to app gallery

in my deployed apps’ menu?

or is there a way i can hide the menu button but not the search button?

Unfortunately I need to say no for both questions. May I ask why do you like to hide the App Gallery?

I am buying into this question for clarification.

If I want to create an app for multiple single or infrequent use data collection from many users, I don’t want them to have access to all my apps. Being unable to hide the app gallery means that I can’t use AppSheet in that situation

May I ask why don’t you hide the hamburger menu directly? Do you have more than 5 menu UX options to show to the user?

No 5 options is more than enough. Hiding the hamburger menu disables search functions too, doesn’t it?

That’s correct

Thanks. Not a big deal for my situation