Is there a way of setting Display Names in a ...

(Steve Wood) #1

Is there a way of setting Display Names in a Google Sheet instead of in the App? I thought this worked using “Comments” in the cells of Google Sheets, but all of my Display Names have disappeared and are not returning.

I want to be able to have a simple/short Column Name, but a more detailed Display Name (would also like to have an admin be able to add Display Name as simply as possible.)

Is there someway to do this without having to go into Column view and edit every single Column to have the appropriate Display Name.

(Mary Jane Pender) #2

Hi Steve,

as far as I know you have to go the the Display Name field for each column to make a more descriptive display name.

(Steven Coile) #3

A column’s Display Name property is an expression. Expressions can draw from any table-based data. You could create a worksheet that contains the preferred display names, create an AppSheet table linked to that worksheet, and reference values in that table in Display Name expressions.

(Steve Wood) #4

+Steve Coile Thanks. To do this, I would still have to put the formula in each Display Name field individually, right? I think I could write the expression so it was the same and didn’t need edited each time, which helps, but it is still a lot of “open window, scroll, paste, ok” clicks to do. Is this not a common problem that a large majority of users have to deal with? Seems like an option for “User 2nd row of table for display name” could be setup and automatically put an expression in the Display Name field when it is on. Just an idea…

(Steve Wood) #5

Based on another thread, there is no way to find the current column name, so trying to use expressions to write Display Names is just as much work as typing them all manually. Hopefully this is addressed in the future, as this is a major downside.

(Green Gorilla) #6

@Steve_Wood I like that idea, of using, say, the second row of a Google Sheet to show display names. But as has been intimated, it would need to be able to do it without having to write a formula/display name in every Display Name Field.

Imagine an option in the “behaviour” section or something, where you could select “Use 2nd row as Display names”.

(Aleksi Alkio) #7

You could request this from - Login - AppSheet if other users would see it usefull. Login - AppSheet

(Green Gorilla) #8

@Aleksi_Alkio I have done that. Thank you.