Is there a way that when I add Data to one ta...

(Phillip Panfili) #1

Is there a way that when I add Data to one table, that it would automatically populate another table?

In other words, if I have two tables referenced together by Name.

Say my first table is MAIN and my second table is CAP.

And they reference together by Name.

If someone adds a Name to the Main table, can I have it automatically go over to the CAP table?

So both tables stay in sync?

Same goes for deleting, if it is deleted from Main, also have it delete in CAP.

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

Hi @Phillip_Panfili,This is about second part - deletion of related records -

of your question. Yes it is possible at record level.

If the reference column in your child table is set to “true”

for the "IsPartOf "setting,then when the parent record is deleted , the associated child records are also deleted. The setting essentially means that the child records are “owned” by the referenced parent record.

(Phillip Panfili) #3

@Suvrutt_Gurjar Ok Great!!

Any insight on the first part, about adding records?

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #4

Hi @Phillip_Panfili, I believe automatic adding of records is not feasible. There is a similar request in Feature Request app that you may wish to upvote. - Login - AppSheet Login - AppSheet