Is there a way to add deployed apps to the Google Waffle(menu)

is there a way to add our company Appsheet apps to the Google Menu?

Hi Laurie,
Could you clarify what Google Waffle you are referring to? Is it the one you see in Gmail in particular, or something else? A picture might help.
However, in general there is no mechanism offered on the AppSheet platform that lets you add one of your deployed apps to show up on a Google menu.
Thank you

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I suppose she is mentionin to this about Google Waffle?
Anway it is impossible to place appsheet short cut within this “Waffle”.

Not sure if this would help but i m placeing short cut on Chrome opening page like this.

Once I open chome, and hit one of the icons, then I naturally goes to Appsheet site / community instantly.

I also place the Appsheet app short-cut over there as well.


Hi Laurie - although I don’t believe there are any options for adding your AppSheet apps as G Suite menu items yet, the admin of your G Suite account can preset Chrome bookmarks for all users. This can be a way to introduce and manage apps that all your users (or specific groups of users) have access to in their browser.

These user bookmarks can be defined here (full details):
Devices > Chrome Management > User & Browser Settings



In addition to @Peter information:

  1. Currently, the applicable corporate deployment of specific AppSheet apps to a specific Organizational units of a Corporate will look like below:

  1. Which can be accessed through the LEFT side of chrome, this icon: \ 87x80

  2. Domain Administrator need to perform this task

  3. To do that, the domain administrator go to the

5. Select the Organizational units having those people having access to the AppSheet apps.
6. And just add the Appsheet link through the:

  1. These steps will allow Domain Administrators to push the assigned AppSheet apps ONLY to specific users in any of the selected Organizational Unit(s), however, the Domain Admin need to ensure that users have access to the apps.