Is there a way to add our own view icons so t...

(Elan Bailey) #1

Is there a way to add our own view icons so they appear in the ux of the app? I have a specific icon in mind that I’d like to add.

(David Hopkins) #2

This question came up recently, and the answer was no… Currently those icons are provided by Font Awesome package and can not be added to.

If I find the referencing discussion I’ll attach it here.

(David Hopkins) #3

@David_Hopkins OH … i just remembered where I got that answer…

It was in the weekly webinar with @Santiago.

(Santiago) #4

Hi there. Yes. Remember the question. Right now we support Font Awesome icons. No short term plans to change the icon provider but we are exploring ways to increase the number of possible icons you can select. If you go to the Font Awesome site - Font Awesome you can navigate their complete selection. We only have a subset of those icons in the platform.

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