Is there a way to add to a number on a form instead of overwriting it?

Is it possible to continuously add to a number in a form instead of having to overwrite it each time?

For example.

If you have an order for 200 units. This number would be in the “Qty” column.

You create and action that opens a form specifically to record the number of units completed daily. This would be the “Completed” column.

I have created a virtual column that takes the “Qty” and subtracts the “Completed” to provide the remaining number of units on that order.

So lets say you have production for 5 days completing 25 units each day.

The first day you would enter 25 units complete.
The second day when you opened the form it would already show the 25 from the previous day, so if you completed another 25 you would have to put in 50.
Third day would be 75.
Fourth day would be 100.
Fifth day would be 125.

Is there a way to always have initial value in the form to show up as zero, but still add the numbers together on the backend?

So day one, you would open the form and put in 25.
Day two you would put in 25.
Day three you would put in 25.
Day four you would put in 25.
Day five you would put in 25.

Still providing 125 total units complete in the database but making it much easier on the user side of things?

Anyone know if this is possible without creating a separate table that creates a new line each time you complete units?

Fairly easy actually. Just add an additional column to hold the accumulated value, separate from the column to hold the entered value. Set up an Action that sets the accumulated value to itself, plus the entered value. Set this Action as the Form Saved Behavior for the entry Form. Then turn resetOnEdit? on for the entry value column.


Thank you very much Marc! The form saved behavior was something that I was completely unaware of and this is my 3rd app I have built. Such a great tool to add to my arsenal. Thanks again!