Is there a way to associate a child record with more than one parent?

I have a Commitments Table that has multiple child records, called Journeys.
But I also want to be able to associate a Journey with multiple Commitments.
Is there any way to do that?


Create a Commitments table which is REF to Journeys table with isPartOf set to ON

But based on my design/methodology, I need the Commitment to be the Parent.
The commitment is created first and there are times where there are no active Journeys.

Then do not use isPartOf and leave it as a normal REF. When you are creating a Commitment records, you can select a Journey from the ref dropdown

Got that. I just wanted to be able to connect a Journey to more than one Commitment as well.

When you create a REF type column in your Commitments table where the ref table is Journeys, the Journeys table will have one-to-many relationship with the Commitments table and in the Journeys table you will notice the [Related Commitments] Virtual Column as a List type with a REF_ROWS expression, where any particular Journey record will be associated with multiple Commitment records.