Is there a way to change the name of a deep l...

(Nate Moneypenny) #1

Is there a way to change the name of a deep linked app?

I am wanting to link to a app and call it Bells Table, and I have the linking working but in the preview at the said it is calling it #control=Bell.

Also is there a way to change the icon next to it?

Thank you.

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Nate_Moneypenny Hi Nate, since you marked the column “Bird Name” as the row label, the bird name should be displayed instead of the link text. If it’s not displayed, it’s possible that the bird name is missing. Could you check to make sure that the bird name column is not empty or blank?

(Nate Moneypenny) #3

@Harry I am not quite sure what you mean. Where do you see i marked the column “Bird Name” as the label? I am not seeing where to change the label which was my question…

(Nate Moneypenny) #4

@Harry I have tried to change the “Display name” and the Description to what I want to be displayed.

I have changed in the column definition for the virtual column. I have also changed it in the reference UX view, and the behavior actions view.

No matter what I do i can not get rid of the #control= being displayed.

(Nate Moneypenny) #5

@Harry I still do not have this working properly.

I did finally see what you were talking about with the “Bird Name” as the row label.

It does have a name in there and is not blank.

I still can not get the test to say anything other then #control=(insert table name).

If i change the name of the table it is updated but the #control= is always in front of it.

Any suggestions?

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #6

@Nate_Moneypenny I just took a quick look at your app but the displayed texts of the link buttons seem to be correct (see screenshot).

What browser are you using to run the app and the app editor? Are you using an old version of Internet Explorer? It’s possible that certain visual elements are not rendered correctly in your browser. Can you try using Chrome?

(Nate Moneypenny) #7

@Harry @Harry You are correct, I played around got got a format that kind of works however I can not find a way to only display the table icon for Bell in the Bell Chart and the table icon for Odin in the Odin chart this way.

I have reverted the app back to where i could get the sorting to work but the naming is wrong. I am using Vivaldi, but it displays wrong in firefox and on my phone as well.

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #8

@Nate_Moneypenny Instead of using an app type column, you can try using a navigate action button instead. The app type column is normally used to create app launchers only. In this case, since you’re using it in a detailed view instead of a deck view or a gallery view, the app might not correctly recognize and display the app column. I believe a navigate action is a more appropriate choice in this case. Here’s a sample app that shows how to do this: - Deep links - How to link between different parts of an app Deep links - How to link between different parts of an app

(Nate Moneypenny) #9

@Harry Thank you for the information I was able to get this to work as I wanted to now.