is there a way to change where the action for...

(Danni Perotti) #1

is there a way to change where the action for a reference takes you?

(the blue arrow)

(StudentHomes Plymouth) #2

You need to select behaviour and find the system generated action listed under your table name. This will normally be called something like “View Ref (column_name)”. Disable this by selecting “do not display” or to permanently disable type FALSE in condition.

Now you can create a new action to take you to your desired view. Be aware that you will probably need to add an expression to make sure it displays the correct record.

When you have created the new view set to “display in line” and then enter the name of the column that you want it to attach to.

Finally in the view where you are calling the new view from you will need to change the “event action” to be taken when row is selected to the name of your new action in lieu of auto .