Is there a way to combine 3 apps?


I am currently in the process of combining 3 apps into one. Essentially copy all 3 apps, but into one app.
I have copied one of the apps and added all of the columns from the other 2 into the data section.
I am wondering if there is an easier way. All of the apps are almost identical, I just have them separate to distinguish the 3 different van’s routes of my delivery company. They all feed off of the same excel file.
So far, it looks like I will have to go through each of the columns and UX and change each an every setting to match the current apps. I will also have to re-make all the slices and all of the format rules.
I am hoping there is a work-around/easier way.

Thanks in advance

The reason I am doing this is so me and the boss can have a delivery app that has access to all customers so if we need to do deliveries we can access all without switching apps. This will also allow me to create a dashboard of all the routes so I can search road names and figure out which route to put a new customer on. It will also help us quickly search to see what customers have paid by cash and apply payment to their accounts when we bill.

Nope. :frowning:


I decided I would go the easy route and just make 3 copies of the apps with different settings for the upper management. Was trying to make it easy for my technology challenged business partner.

It would be absolutely beautiful if there was some editable code where you could copy over the settings and apply them to a different sheet. I imagine there is such code on the back-end.


Steve you beautiful soul, can you help me here? Please :smiley:

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Woah woah… what about using 1 doc for customers from all 3 apps? You can share this doc and filter based on “Relavant App” and user role to show correct things to both users and admin like you.

If all else fails, you can use AppScript automation to keep 3 files in synced or create a new file that’s SUM of all and use that for development purposes.

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Is there any literature you could point me to to get me started on your top paragraph?
So far this is all greek to me

I was referring to this. It sounds like your apps are very similar so they can share same sheets with same columns; you also have a Related App column. This way all 3 apps have access to data from all 3 apps but you filter when showing it a user and show all for admin like you and your boss. (You could potentially only have 1 app for 3 customers if they’re 100% similar and use filters based on each user’s settings to show relevant content.)

As for you initial request to copy over settings in a automated manner to new app, I have no idea. I wish such a thing exists, I’d love it too (but doubt it). You can only duplicate 1 app.

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