Is there a way to correctly define the border...

(Stuart Kaneshiro) #1

Is there a way to correctly define the borders on the top and bottom of template generated pdf reports?

I am having problems formatting my reports correctly. Here is what I think is true after some light testing:

(1). The top of the first page respects the template top border. (2). None of the bottom borders respect the template bottom border. (3). None of the top borders after the first page respect the template top border.

Are there any workarounds for (2) and (3)?

From previous posts I know that headers/footer functionality is not supported. Is this a related problem?

Thank you!

(Philip Garrett) #2


Hi Stuart,

Your observations are correct.

At this point, we do not handle “page layout”. That is, we do not figure out where the formatted report data falls on the page. We do not keep track of how much space remains on the current page. We do not reserve space for footers and headers and insert them at the bottom and top of the page.

Implementing a good “page layout engine” is a lot of work. It is not something we have taken on. We may do this at some point, but it is not currently in plan.

For now we only handle simple reporting. If you want more sophisticated page layout, you will need to find a another tool. There are some posts in the Community that suggest alternatives.

(Stuart Kaneshiro) #3


Thank you for the quick response! If the updated layout engine was ever released we would definitely make use of it.

I the appreciate the Appsheet team’s transparency and involvement in the community!