Is there a way to create a multi-column Ref d...

(John Baer) #1

Is there a way to create a multi-column Ref dropdown?

I have an Inventory list for which I want to apply Custom Pricing.

While creating entries in my Custom Price table,

I am displaying the Products by their Description.

The Product Ref drop down allows for searching but only with the displayed Description column.

I would like to be able to also find a Product for the new Custom Price entry by its Product Code (the Key) or by a scanned UPC code.

Is there some way to achieve this is a single Ref dropdown list during the creation of the new Custom Price entry??

(Bellave Jayaram) #2

I don’t believe it is possible to do it with a single dropdown but could you not have 3 different dropdowns and a radiobutton to choose between the three different ways?

(John Baer) #3

If I understand your suggestion, then I would say “yes”.

I assume you mean a virtual “Product Search method” field with radio button to choose the method.

Then depending on method value display the corresponding Product dropdown Ref field.

A bit clunky but not too terrible.

At least it is an option to implement if needed.

Thank you for the input!

(John Baer) #4


see comment above.

(Bellave Jayaram) #5

Yes, you got it. Use virtual columns for product search method and dropdowns. Determine the key or ref to record based on those VCs.