Is there a way to disable offline access/offline data?

Hi. I just discovered AppSheet. From what I understand, it stores the data on the device and then syncs the changes back to the data source (RDBMS database, spreadsheet, etc).

Is there a way to avoid/disable the offline data access? My current database apps (front-end apps) have multiple users on different devices. Consequently, I need real-time access to the data and not offline access. Is there a way to do this in AppSheet? Thanks

If you set options Behavior > Offline/Sync > “Delayed sync” and “Automatic updates” as ON, it will sync the data automatically on the background when adding or updating data with the device.

AppSheet cannot provide real-time access. An AppSheet app is always working with a copy of the data. Changes to the data are only shared with other users when a sync occurs.

Thanks Steve and Alexsi. I guess AppSheet is not for me then. I’ll look at the sample apps but I generally have very little use for its local copy methodology.