Is there a way to display a button that close...

(Christian Farley) #1

Is there a way to display a button that closes the view like the big OK button on the About page?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

The About page is sort of like a pop-up dialog, so it has an OK button. But for the other views, what would closing them do?

(Christian Farley) #3

This request is related to my other recent post, where I am trying to obfuscate the Save and Cancel buttons. I have created a welcome page where the user sees a logo and his/her name. I would just like the user to acknowledge and move on.

You can argue that it’s nonetheless a small form, but that’s because we don’t have Popup view (or do we?).

There is also my other use case where I want not display the save button, because

the user has made valid choices, but there is currently no outcome available for those choices. So, instead of displaying a valid_if error message and the user being caught in a loop, I would like to display a conditional text (show) saying something like “There is currently no project open for this city, please come back later or select another city” and then just display a “Cancel” which will cleanly exit the form.