Is there a way to display details on a table instead of buttons?

I want to create 2 views for one table:

  • A Deck one with 2 buttons (call and email)
  • A Table one, with details and no buttons

The problem is that I cant show the phone number on the table view without losing the buttons on the deck view

A really good way could be to have an option on the table UX options to “disable buttons” is there currently a feature request asking for this?


A common approach is to create a separate column of type Text for each existing Phone/Email column and use the new column’s App formula expression to copy the existing column’s value to the new column. Display the original column when you want the buttons visible, and/or the Text column when you want the value itself displayed.

If that new Text column is virtual, it will work immediately, but may contribute to sync slowness over time. If the Text column is a normal column instead, you’ll need to back-fill the column values for existing rows by opening each existing row in a form and saving (no changes needed); new rows will get the value automatically.

Thanks a lot for your reply @Steve. Do you know if something like that is in the roadmap of AppSheet or if its worth it to create a feature request?

Thanks in advance!

I’m afraid I don’t have visibility into the roadmap, so I can’t say. A feature request is a legitimate option!