Is there a way to embed a "Google Forms" into the Appsheet?

I have a Google forms that I would like users to have direct access to from the App (to answer within the App) I am trying to embed the forms but its seems that this is not possible.

I hope that someone can help me with this problem

Unfortunately you can’t embed Google Form directly to your app. Though you can use the Form as a data source but if you want forward your users to that Form, your users need to open the form from the URL link.


Why not have the users answer the questions directly with the app?

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I would like the questions to send feedback of right and wrong answers, that’s why I was using google forms. The Appsheet forms can do this?

They certainly can!


Thank you Steve!

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Hi @Steve

Would it be posible to send out pre-filled links to an AppSheet form like in google Forms?

Yes it is possible with correctly structured deep link

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Im actually trying to finish up doing this right now. I wanted a survey type form for visitors to a website to fill in. I started doing it in Google Forms, then realised that it AppSheet could do it better. So I looked at the browser link to an app with one Form. However…

how do you restrict users to their own data after they click “Save/Submit”?

Obviously the one Form app is a public app with no security filters (its an enquiry / survey)


We need to send out a form to X quantity people, we would have a public app for this.

  1. When you say correctly structured deep link what do you mean, could you provide a sample?
  2. Were would I construct this link?
  3. Could I send it out via a Workflow?

With public apps all app data can be filtered out so that no any data can be seen. For the workflows only you have an option to bypass the security filters otherwise no any data can be retrieved from the source table. You can see that filtering option under the Security tab of your table’s details.

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You can use a URL like this:

    "&defaults={'KeyColumn': ' ",
    " ', 'AnotherColumn': ' ",
    " '}"

In the email body of your Email Workflow. Provided you want, you can also use HYPERLINK() expression or <a href='....'>Click Here</a> HTML tag

Yes of course…See above item response

You may also check this sample app:

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