Is there a way to force refreshing browser cached file/image path info without clearing browser cache?

I have noticed on several occasions as I am testing, that once I try to access a file from within an app and that file is NOT found, the error is cached within the browser. Even after correcting the issue, the cached error persists UNTIL a “clear browsing data” action is performed. At times, I have to clear the browsing data more than once for the error to be corrected.

This behavior is not the best for user experience.

Is there a way to force a “refresh” of the file path result so the correct information shows once a file or error has been updated/corrected? Or alternatively, is there a way to PREVENT caching when an error has occurred such as “FILE NOT FOUND”?

Hi John, there is a browser refresh (cltr-R) and there is an app refresh (the circular refresh icon). And then of course there is a harsh “clear browser cache” from its preferences page. The circular refresh icon within an app should be addressing this? Are you saying that it is not?

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I’m pretty sure I’ve used the browser refresh just through the button instead of keystrokes. But, I’ll try it again just to confirm.

In hopes of improving user experience, I actually was looking for some automated way to handle the refresh OR prevent the caching in the first place if an error was encountered.

If there is nothing like that available, is that something that could be added into AppSheet as a feature?