Is there a way to format a URL? Possibly display it as a button or icon instead of text?

I have a URL on a detail view that I’d like users to click on but it would be more intuitive if the URL displayed as a button. Any ideas?

Thanks bunches

Create an action and attach the action to the detail view?

Thanks Steve. The user is being redirected to another page to collect payment so needing a button that tells them this is what’s happening vs. the automatic redirect.

Alternatively, consider using a column of type Show.

Does it display an image and when clicked on directs us to a web page?

No, but you could display a link and explanatory text.

ok got it. thanks Steve

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Found a possible option for displaying a URL as a button. Its possible to display an image for a URL. Please reference:


Hi @Daisy_Ramirez can’t you use an Action with the Confirmation Message to inform the user what will happen?

Second question: How did you solve it? How did you display the URL with an image?