Is there a way to get a Chrome date picker in...

(Stuart Carmichael) #1

Is there a way to get a Chrome date picker in AppSheet to immediately change the locally cached date when the user picks a date from within it?

The behaviour I currently experience is that picking a date (column type of Date) in the default date picker updates the display in the date field, but doesn’t drive the change into the local cache.

You need to click outside the date field to cause the local cache update to occur.

I am using date changes to drive Show_If decisions in the UX Dashboard view.

Having to click outside the date field after using the date picker is not as nice as having it respond immediately.

Is there an AppSheet setting that can make it so that a date picker selection immediately updates the display and drives the date into the local cache?

I am using a Detail view type and have the Date column set as a “UX > Views > Quick edit columns” column.

I have been testing out “UX > Options > Advance forms automatically” set to ON, but no luck.

I am testing this in Chrome.

Thanks for any help.

(Tony Fader) #2

@Stuart_Carmichael I suspect that there is not a way to do this. Adding @Adam_Stone_AppSheet @Morgan_Dixon_AppShee