Is there a way to get data from another application's table

Without loading the table is there a way to get data from another application’s table, I don’t want the table count to increase, no I know, is there any improvement?

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You can setup workflow if you just want to update another table in another app.

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Required to use the data in the report. I do not want to load the tables in the application where I got the reports.

Is there a sample formula or application related to this? Thanks

You’ll have to add the table in any app you want it available for any purpose.

To avoid loading the table data in the app while still making the table data available for workflows, reports, and bots, configure the table with a security filter with the expression, FALSE, and in the report configuration, enable Bypass Security Filters?.


Okay, Steve, I learned something more thanks to you. I understand that I need to add the table.

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