Is there a way to group on a Report?

I have a table of leads and one of the columns is “Lead Stage” It’s really simple to create a group in a view:

but I am having trouble conceptualizing how I achieve the same grouping on a report.

Is this possible?

Our magician Master @Aleksi might have a couple of tricks for this :slight_smile:

Unfortunately we don’t have that functionality at this moment. Though if you have just few values with your “Lead Stage”, you could create kind of grouping with IF: EndIf expressions.

It would be something like…
<<If: ISNOTBLANK(SELECT(Table[KeyColumn],[Lead Stage]=“Active - In Production”))>>
<<Start: SELECT(Table[KeyColumn],[Lead Stage]=“Active - In Production”)>>
<< End >>
<< EndIf >>

This IF: EndIf loop will take care that if you don’t have any record with that Stage, it will hide & remove that row from your table. You can do the same with your Stage name as well.

Read more about from this article…

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