Is there a way to limit a Salesforce Data Source with SOQL?

Is there a way to have a data source from Salesforce that would be defined by a SOQL select statement?
This would enable fields from other objects and would filter the amount of data you are trying to fetch…

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Not directly, no.

Are you familiar with Security Filters?

For Tables backed by SQL database, Security Filters are actually translated into SQL queries.

I imagine a similar thing might happen for Security Filters on a Salesforce Table, but I doubt anyone except an Appsheet Engineer could answer that 100%.


For reference:

thanks for the replies -
I don’t think security filters would come into play here.
I am faced with two challenges when trying to have appsheet work directly with Salesforce data

  • The records in the actual object’s table are way too many (ie. Open Opportunities in the US only represents about 2% of the opportunity records in our SF environment )
  • It would be helpful to pull in child record fields without pulling in the child table (ie for opportunities, i would want to pull in instead of having to pull in the entire account table as well as the opp table

my situation just needs read-only to this data. so right now i just have a stand alone sync app syncing my soql to a sheet that is then used my appsheet

So you just want to limit the records pulled from the Table? That’s the exact purpose of Security Filters.

Appsheet doesn’t have that sort of functionality. Perhaps Salesforce itself can create something akin to a SQL “view” ? (I don’t know anything about Salesforce)

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