Is there a way to make the Display Name of a

Is there a way to make the Display Name of a view read the current day’s date and time, to where it reads something like “Thursday | March 22, 2018” or even “Thursday | March 22, 2018 | 4:32 PM”?

It’s dynamic, have you tried putting the expressions you want in the dynamic view display name, and it’s not working?

Yes you can do that. You need to find the correct formula for your requirements. For example if you write CONCATENATE(TODAY()) it wil show you the view name like 3/22/2018.

Sorry guys I was overthinking this. I’m working on the expression now, and am trying to call for the day of the week but can’t find anything on calling the day of the week for AppSheet. Am I missing something?

Was thinking something like this would get me there…


… but the first argument(?) is returning a 5 which I’m assuming means the 5th day of the week,

but I’m looking for the word Thursday. Still working on it though.

You need to convert the day from the weekday number like…

SWITCH(WEEKDAY(TODAY()), 1,“Sunday”, … 6,“Friday”, “Saturday”)

Thanks @Aleksi_Alkio that did it!

Currently working on the TODAY() field trying to get it to display March 22, 2018. Initially thought I could get this done with TEXT(TODAY(), “mmmm d yyyy”) but it’s saying the TEXT function is used incorrectly. This is where I’m at now…

CONCATENATE( SWITCH(WEEKDAY(TODAY()), 1,“Sunday”, 2, “Monday”, 3, “Tuesday”, 4, “Wednesday”, 5, “Thursday”, 6,“Friday”, “Saturday”), " | ", TEXT(TODAY()), " | ", TIMENOW() )

I also thought I could get the TIMENOW() to display as 1:45 PM instead of 13:45:25 by using TEXT(TIMENOW()) and that isn’t working either. I’m in way over my head on this one lol

@Aleksi - I would like to have the current month name shown as a display name. I was trying to use the now() function, but can only get the month number. Based on your SWITCH suggestion, would I have to do the same but enter the array of month names? (ugh…)


thanks @Steve I appreciate your answer - is there a way to add the year (or more specifically, the last 2 digits of the year (i.e. 19))?
Would that be (switch…) + " '"+ (concatenate (today()) “YY”)

SWITCH(...) & " " & RIGHT(YEAR([Date]), 2)

Thanks so much @Steve - I couldn’t get the '19 (specifically the ) to come out quite right so I just removed the Right & the 2 … now it shows April 2019 - blah, blah, blah.

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Yeah, AppSheet doesn’t like quoted strings that include an apostrophe as the first character for some reason…

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