Is there a way to post data to Google Sheets immediately without Automatic Sync on?

I have a company with route employees needing to capture data across a long route meaning the screen stays open for long periods of time - Automatic Updates is a problem as we lose data if the drivers did not save their record and the sync takes place. Redesign is needed but must be delayed due to training.

The same company has warehouse operators we’re developing and they also need data posted to Google Sheets as soon as possible so as not to lose data on prolonged processes.

Is there any way to do this? Note: Client must use Offline due to shotty internet - if they used the web browser vs. offline does this post data immediately?

Why dont you let the app user to edit the data filed only through the detail view with quick edit mode ?

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The multi step process is pretty involved - picture a warehouse receiving process where the operator needs to report different types of data as they pull items off the truck

I dont understand what makes it difficult to let the user to update / edit data through the detail view with quick edit, which could be only a solution to save the data without saving a form.

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Well Detail View assumes there’s an existing record, the operators scenario is all fresh new data - never been entered inventory. Your scenario would then require 5 details view - one for each step in the process yes?

Do you have a sample app where you’ve done this for reference?

I dont have sample, but it should be easy workaround.
Build your app to make it possible to edit row data through the detail view only. Not present form view to user any case.

When app user hit action by trying to create new row, and then bring a user to a quick detail view where you place a sort of inline action. This window is made out of the independent data table. This view is also working kind of confirmation massege before the user proceed further. Then user hit this inline text action. This will add the new row or rows to the table(s) as you want. Once the new row is saved, then on save action which is attachedc to form view will trigger another action to prompt user to the details view they just created by “deeplink”. Then user will start to edit this new row from scratch. In this scenario, no form views are involved.
Once the user made a change on detail view with quick edit, then the change will be immidiately sync to backend server without user hitting save button. Good luck.


Ok so just to confirm. While in Offline mode, the data is immediately posted to the google sheet when detail view quick edit is used. Yes?

Thanks Tsuji!

During offline, sync never gonna happens.

Once the user made a change on detail view with quick edit while the user are offline, then the change temporarily stored in the device. Once the connectivities being recovered, such change will be started to be pushed to the server. It is appsheet normal behaivior.

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Actually I do have similar use cases on my production app where I never gonna present the form view to the user, but let them edit through the detail view to make changes, and ther go to offline sometime, but as far as the app is concerned, it is working fine. So your app should beautifully work in the same way.

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If user uses the web browser link instead of offline module, will data then immediately store to the google sheet?

I believe so. The difference between proper appsheet app on the mobile phone and web appsheet app which is working on browser is the capacity of browser storage. In case your app user save bunch of images during offline on the browser , then they may face the error, as the saved files to the browser storage hit the limit. This concern will be minimal when user use the app with mobile app, which do have more of capacity.

I m not pro in this field, I reckon the pro from Appsheet team, like @Adam, could give far better advice rather than me.

Anyway, as far as the data / change could be storea in somewhere in the device like browser storage or cache, then the saved data shold be pushed to the server when they are back online, thats my understanding.


A million Thanks Tsuji!

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You are welcome, and good luck.