Is there a way to select what data from each row are displayed in the list layout for card view


Hello, appsheet beginner here, I have a google spreadsheet data source and in my app i have a card view setup with list layout enable.

I noticed that for the list layout, the title for each row was taken from the first column which happens to be DATE on my table. I rearranged the columns on the google sheets and regenerated the column structure but the title for each row is still taken from the date column.

Is there a way I can customize which row the title for cards views are pulled from?

Hello @Uwem_Neku , welcome to the community !

In your UX card view configuration you can select which fields are displayed in which position, you just have to click on the text and select the desired column, see picture:


Thank you @Rafael_ANEIC-PY :grinning: :grinning: