Is there a way to set Chart Aggregates in the app?

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Another question here,

I made a Histogram Chart for my data set consists of 6 columns.
Record ID (key), Date, Customer ID, Sales Amount, Marketing Rep, Marketing Sector. Marketing Rep column filled with Employee’s names and Marketing Sector column tells about which sector the Rep belongs to.

I sometimes need to see the SUM and at other times the COUNT of the Sales, Rep, and Sector. And it’s quite a hassle to get back into the app settings every time just to switch the aggregate.

Is there a way to change the group aggregate on the chart directly from the app?
I know i can always make 2 charts with different aggregates, but if possible, i want my app to only show information the user wants to see.

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I believe ultimately, the app user will need to select any one of the two charts -SUM or COUNT aggregate. So you could make two different charts and the user could select one per her / his choice from say usersettings.

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ah I thought so.
Thanks for the info sir :slight_smile: