Is there a way to show a number value as a price with the new charts tool?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to display these values as prices in the new charts tool?

Also, there’s 2 bugs I found.

When referencing a pie or doughnut charts in detail view the top is always cut off a little bit.

When using a referenced bar or line chart as the header image of a detail view w/ card layout it is flattened so my chart here…
ends up looking like this…
I believe it’s because you can’t adjust the fit like you can for an image.

I know the new charts tool is still in beta and I absolutely love it so far. would be great to have a fix for this down the road.

I haven’t played with the new charts yet. Is the label for the pieces in the Donut chart built by you or is AppSheet constructing it for you?

If they are being built by you, then when you concatenate the values, you need to wrap the Price type column (I am assuming it is a Price typed column) with the TEXT() function. This will retain display formatting.

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This is using the new charts editor which is native to appsheet and still in beta.