Is there a way to switch the google sheets ba...

(Karthick Rajavel) #1

Is there a way to switch the google sheets based on user setting? Eg.

If user selects " Unit 1" then appsheet should take “Unit 1 - Google sheet”. If user selects “Unit 2” then appsheeet should take “Unit 2 - Google sheet”.

(Steven Coile) #2


(Philip Garrett) #3


Can you explain what you are trying to achieve in more detail?

I ask because some people pose this question because they want to allocate a different worksheet for each app users. They then want to select the worksheet based on the user id.

This is generally not a good approach. If this is your objective, it is better to put all user data in a single worksheet and use a Security Filter to limit each user to their own data.

You objective may be different, but it would help to understand what objective you are trying to achieve.