Is there a way to transfer an app to another email address?

(Malaka Jayawardene) #1

Hi all,
I tried to transfer an app I made to another email address, but a User ID is asked. What is meant by the User ID?

(Levent Kulacoglu) #2

The email address that you want to transfer the app, needs to have an associated AppSheet account. The User ID means the AppSheet Account ID. However, I may advise rather than transfer the ownership, add that email as a co-author to your app and then the user can create a copy of your app. That way the base gSheet of the app is also copied to his Google Drive. The transfer process does not copy the base gSheet. After the app copy is created, you can remove the user’s co-authorship.

(Malaka Jayawardene) #3

Thank you very much! I’ll do that!

(Malaka Jayawardene) #4

I tried that. When I deleted the co-authorship after copying the app, I got the following error.

Then I deleted everything and redid it again. Got the following error.

Then I added a different email address as the co-authorship, and redid the whole thiing again. I copied the app to the new email address, and now the new email address’s Google drive has a gSheet (oddly a different named one), and when I make a log entry in to the new app, still it only gets saved in the original gSheet which is in a different email address (my first email address, the original one I created the app with). Why is this happening?

(Levent Kulacoglu) #5

Possibly you have done something wrong. The error message indicates that it can’t found the back-end gSheet where the sheet’s drive id is 1aofPeXLGXlvNaLE5emugF_0BK_jfdHmi6tWfC9pKc8o

(Malaka Jayawardene) #6

Once co-authorship is removed, does the app in the new email address stop working? Because that’s what happened to me. And from there onwards, no matter what I do with newer email addresses, I can’t get it to be independent of the original gSheet.

(Levent Kulacoglu) #7

After you successfully copy an app, you need to check if the Doc id of the tables are set correctly, base gSheet has been copied and the app schema correctly reflects the Doc id of the copied gSheet.