Is there a way to trigger a refresh of a tabl...

Is there a way to trigger a refresh of a table when a user updates a row in a different table?

The only way is to have a tiger column and have a reference action that puts a value in that column. This forces the app formulas to recalculate

@Grant_Stead What is a tiger column?

Tiger! :smiley: :smiley:

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@Grant_Stead Meow-raaar!

Thanks! I will try the tiger approach.

@Grant_Stead this is working Aces! Thanks for the tip.

As a follow up question: I am noticing that the initial row update, which triggers the Action updating a column in a second table, seems to take more time to complete. Is it because there is an extra action attached to it?

This comes back to a request I had made a while ago, where we should have more options to make syncs in the background.

In my current workflow, the second table being updated is for record keeping and is not viewed by my app. There is no utility in waiting for it to sync since the user will never need to look at this data. We should be able to toggle whether an action can complete in the background.

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