Is there a way to use a hyperlink in a form to set the value of a column in that row?

I know this can be done using actions but they aren’t available if it’s a form view and it won’t work the same if I use detail view. I have a link that can open a row in a different view but it would be much better if I could simply change the value of a single column if a link is clicked.

You can do it easily with the AppSheet API. You need to construct the API endpoint appending the JSON request to the URL body.

			"{'Action': 'Edit','Properties': {'Locale': 'en-US','Location': '47.623098, -122.330184','Timezone': 'Pacific Standard Time'},'Rows': [{'KeyColumnName': '<<[KeyColumnName]>>','LastName': 'Jones','Age': 33}]}"
	"Please Click Here to Update"