Is there a way to use an image in Appsheets and overlay buttons?

Is there a way to use an image in Appsheets and overlay buttons?

Nope. :frowning:

Ok. Was just wondering. Do you know if this is maybe going to be a feature to come?

I’m afraid I don’t have any insight there, :frowning:


Custom button icon would be really nice. Especially since the list of icons seems to lack some expected icons and has some very odd buttons ie. Unicorn, Star Wars logos, and a middle finger(I am desperately searching a situation in which I can use these icons so I wouldn’t trade them for others).

I am actually wanting to know if i can put images (my own ) in my app and overlay buttons or data. So… Basically more of a customizing/ branding the app more… A good example is weather. When you build weather displays - you have images (PNG or JPEG) then you just overlay the data. So the data can change but the images do not:


:sweat_smile: whoops

If you only want to display in app data over images you can try SVG, it’s not the same full image but it does allow something similar.

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So there is a way to insert my own image per - view - AND overlay data?

Image may not be the best way to describe SVGs. They are pretty limited in complexity and usability. They are more like simple graphics than full images. Here are some visual examples of SVGs from DIM (Dynamic Indicator Maker) SVG Images

This is an entirely different question than you asked above. The answer to this question is: somewhat.

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Sorry - again i worded my question wrong. How can i do this?

Thank You Steve. I didn’t realize this. thank you very much…

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Ask the right question, get the right answer. :wink:

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Yeah. Again, thanks

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Is there a way to make this black border - be clear?

I know i can change the prominence as well (but i want the buttons lined up like the picture above):

Not to my knowledge. :frowning:

ok. Thanks. I am just seeing how to customize my apps more. Thanks for the help…

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