Is there a way to use more than one image for...

(Stephen Mattison) #1

Is there a way to use more than one image for the Launch Screen? If not, is it possible?

Anyone else need this feature? I have an inventory app and it would be nice to have this Image switch, or Carousel among a select list of images, each time the App is Synced so the User sees different products that they might like to check out and buy.

Many other great uses for this.

Thanks for considering!

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #2

@Stephen_Mattison do you mean like a carousel? Yeah, that would be nice I believe

(Stephen Mattison) #3


Yes, Exactly!

Thank you for the much better word (updated my Post above), a Carousel on the Launch Screen, the one that pops up every time you Sync, could give the User a “window shopping” experience that I think would pay off for Apps like mine.

Business/other Apps might want to Carousel motivational quotes, or Biz maxims/mottos, Biz History, trivia, etc. My app is a good example, Users will likely be looking for a small set of Christmas LEDs/supplies, but they prolly don’t know about the amazing new Vintage Edison Filament LED bulbs, so I used one of them in my Launch Screen to make sure they see it, but there are many more unique/new products that sell themselves when people see them.

If a Client adds 5 Products to their order, they’ll see 5 new Products, this WILL increase my sales!

I think Window Shopping (for Sales or Motivation) is a more powerful marketing tool than it gets credit for.

WS is very expensive for Retail to keep up with but they do it.

In App it would cost nothing.

Thanks for considering!

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

If you use detail view as an initial view, you could show random views.