Is there a way to use the Display Name in a R...

(Steve Wood) #1

Is there a way to use the Display Name in a Report? It seems logical that if I want different wording in my Form, that I would want to use the same wording in my report. Is there a way to automate this so I see [Display Name]: [Column] instead of [Column Name]: [Column] in my report?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh Any thoughts?

(Philip Garrett) #3

@Steve_Wood @Aleksi_Alkio

Hi Steve,

That makes sense, but we don’t currently provide a way to do that automatically.

How do you picture it working?

  1. If you have “Display Names” defined, should we always use those in the templates we generate?

  2. Alternatively, do we need to let the user explicitly specify whether to use the Column name or the Display name?

Option 1 is easier because there is no new syntax. Don’t know if it would surprise people or introduce compatibility problems.

(Steve Wood) #4

Since I have only just started using Appsheet, I don’t have a lot of experience to base this on, but… in my case I am doing inspection reports. My columns have short names for easy reference, but where needed I add a more detailed question in the Display Name. In this case, functioning just like the forms (if there is a Display Name, then use it) would work great. I can definitely see situations where people wouldn’t want it though (where Customers are filling out forms so you want questions politely worded, but on your report you want short, concise information, or where they already have apps/reports where they would have to redo all of the work to get the appearance they want.) Like most case, having the option is probably best. Maybe this is where Display Name vs Description comes into play? I haven’t used Description yet. Maybe it is an option in the Workflow selecting whether to use Column Name, Display Name, or Description? I’m going to have thousands of Columns when I’m done with my series of Apps, so I’m just looking for ways to reduce the upfront workload.