Is there an alternative to the Importrange function?

I plan to use AppSheet to create a workflow for team that will be creating a certain product.
To achieve that we can’t stop using specific template in a spreadsheet.
So the idea is that user adds information regarding the task to the app + in that form will be a field for link to a spreadsheet file.
So the data source spreadsheet for our app will contain columns
ID (A), spreadsheet link(unique for each ID) (B) and some other info like date, name etc…
Is there a way to set something kind of IMPORTRANGE function in AppSheet app to get the information out of that spreadsheets that are in column B?

Hi @Kateryna_Kovalenko
I don’t think we have that. I think the only way for you to read info from a spreadsheet that is not a data source would be the “upload CSV” (see Import data from CSV for more details).